4 Steps To Generate B2BLeads: Cold email System.

4 Steps To Generate B2BLeads:Cold email System

4 Steps To Generate B2BLeads: Cold email System.

We got a question yesterday. So, I wanted to go through our 4 Steps To Generate B2BLeads Machine process which will cover the four things you need to think about when generating leads, where to find them and everything around that concept. So, let’s jump into it.4 Steps To Generate B2BLeads: Cold email System. v12STEP1: The first thing you want to do when you’re building a list of leads is visualize the customer. That means sit down and try to get as clear a picture in your mind as possible of the type of customer that will buy from you. And as an agency, I know you’re thinking, we can sell to everyone. But for a cold email system to actually generate revenue for you, the campaign needs to be as specific as possible. You need to make it seem like you’re talking directly to a specific person. A good example of this is I was just on the phone with our director of sales to run through the cold email campaigns for one of our agency clients (let’s call the client XYZ Co) and the email because they didn’t pick a niche was extremely generic, and that’s what we had to work on. I can’t give you the exact script here but basically, it was we sell design services, and we also sell mobile app development, and we also sell web development. Basically, all this stuff that is irrelevant to a client.

Because, in a good cold email or really a good ad campaign in general, the client just wants to know that you’re talking directly to them. So, visualize that client and have a very clear picture in your mind of who exactly that person is.FOUR Step Process To Build a B2B Lead Generation Machine 01STEP 2: Once you’ve got that extremely in-depth idea of who your customer is, step two is to identify a lead pool. A lead pool is a site where everyone that would be interested in what you’re selling has opted in, in some way to be on this site. For XYZ Co, for example, we sell to a lot of agency owners, right. We do lead generation and build marketing systems for marketing agencies, mobile app development agencies, all of those types of digital agencies and there’s no better place for them than a site like Behance or Dribble. Because a customer that needs marketing and is a digital agency wouldn’t be on Behance or Dribble if they weren’t, at least, a bit worried about growing their client base. Sometimes you can’t find a lead pool that’s that specific. Recently, we were pitching a reality show with Zacco, and we wanted to find production companies. And the best place to find contact info like that is IMdP Pro. That’s where production companies will list their points of contact, their email address, think LinkedIn Sales Navigator for the entertainment business. And using that info, we were able to book a lot of meetings.

So, to find a lead pool, think about if your ideal customer was trying to do what you offer, themselves, where would they list their site. If its local businesses, it might be on Yelp. If it’s e-commerce stores, it might be on something like the Shopify directory. Think about it for a while and come up with What’s your specific lead pool would be. FOUR Step Process To Build a B2B Lead Generation Machine lead poolSTEP 3: Once you have a lead pool of companies, it will be pretty easy to build that list. Step three is scraping the data. So that’s not using a bot to actually pull the data off the website. It could be manually. It could be using a virtual assistant to do it.

But it’s taking the info from that lead pool that you found and put it into an excel spreadsheet that you can use to email. And once you have all your data in a spreadsheet, the hard work’s out the way. So, then you send your cold emails. And you test. And you do the optimization.lead pool v2STEP 4: And then rule four (4) is to repeat step two (2) until you have to change customers. Step two (2), if you remember, is finding a lead pool. So, let’s say your mission to create the ultimate lead generation campaign sends you to Dribble and you use all the contacts on Dribble. Step four basically means find another one so go to Behance and build leads there. But if you’re sending cold emails, I wouldn’t send more than 100 to a specific type of contact until you’ve hit the benchmark stats.

So at least a two percent meeting book rate is the final number that you want to aim for. And if you run a business, and you need marketing support, you want someone to send cold emails on your behalf, get you new clients or customers and help grow your business quicker, check out digital.waiztouch.com.

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