Comprehensive Lead Generation Strategy

How A Comprehensive Lead Generation Strategy Can Double Your Sales

In our previous article, we talked about the importance of a comprehensive lead generation strategy and why ignoring it can be detrimental to your business. In that article, we talked about how a lead can give you an insight into the demographics of your ideal customer. We also talked about how a proper lead generation strategy can save you time and money and can prevent your sales and marketing teams from wasting resources on dead end customers and needless cold calls. Today we are going to be learning about how you can double your sales with a comprehensive lead generation strategy.

In doubling your sales through lead generation, you have to pay attention to your product and the best medium by which it can be sold. Also, you need a smart inbound marketing strategy to keep your funnel flowing with leads that you can convert into customers. Here are some useful tips on how you can create a valuable marketing strategy that can generate you double the number of leads and the number of sales.

Lead Generation Helps You Create A Buyer Persona To Help You Focus Your B2B & B2C Sales & Marketing Strategy:

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As a business, whether as a B2C business or as a B2B business, it is necessary that you use a buyer persona to improve your sales. If you are a B2C business, then you should create a buyer persona, i.e. the demographics of the person most likely to purchase your product. If you are a B2B business then you should create a business buyer persona (same for the buyer persona but as a business) as well. The process is a cycle in which each stage feeds into the other. For you to be able to generate leads you must know the people most likely to buy your product, or else you will not be able to know who to target, the kind of ads to use, the medium to market in, etc. Yet if you don’t know how to generate leads, or you are not generating any sales or marketing leads, crafting a buyer persona can be difficult.  If you have a comprehensive lead generation strategy, then the buyer persona is made easier for your sales and marketing teams to do. We have also mentioned in a previous article how a buyer persona can help your business to focus on how to guide the customers who want to buy the product through the buyer’s funnel, and also which customers are most likely to turn to ambassadors.

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Furthermore, lead generation helps you save money on product or services design.  Since through your lead generation, you know the specific customer base that you are producing for as opposed to producing speculatively without having an idea of who is going to buy the product or use the service. Lead generation thus helps you to maximize sales and get value for money on every product. It also helps with retargeting and remarketing. Even if a potential lead fails to convert at some stage, you still have the opportunity to market the product or another one to them later.

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In digital marketing, one of the most valuable resources available to a business is the business website’s landing page.  When you are able to focus on lead generation, you are able to understand how to create the landing page that will allow your customers to stay and convert, instead of moving on to your competitors. Since your comprehensive lead generation strategy allows you to know your ideal customer, you will be able to create the kind of offers they need to solve the problem you have. Also, you will be able to create a proper headline for your content, down to the font and colors that will most likely attract the customers that you want. Furthermore, you will know what calls to action to make that will be most relevant to them.

We mentioned in our last article how people now have the ability to do research on products even before they decide on the vendor to buy it from. Thus people will only buy from businesses that are specifically relevant to their needs. In addition to this, the advent of the internet means people value their comforts and will always look for the easiest ways to buy products and get services without having to go too far or search too much. Once they realize that your products/ services are useful for them, they will not only stay, they will recommend you to their networks, acting as influencers and ambassadors for your product.

seo strategy

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Apart from landing pages, lead generation can help guide the company’s SEO strategy. A lot of businesses in a bid to optimize their online platforms keep experimenting and searching for keywords that will make their businesses rank high on search engines without much success. With a productive lead generation strategy, you can find the keywords that the customers in your industry are looking for and that can guide not your search engine ranking, but also your content development strategy as well as your email marketing strategy. This is not for your customers alone. With lead generation, you can discover the keywords that your competitors are using to generate their own leads and craft your research strategy to increase your own sales accordingly.

It is worthy to mention that content marketing can also help to double business sales. In fact, a report says that aligning content marketing with sales can drive sales up by at least 67%. Another report states that good content marketing itself showed a rise of 24% in sales for the business. As we have mentioned above, a properly crafted marketing and sales lead generation strategy, helps to create a good buyer persona, and a well- crafted buyer persona helps in the content ideation and creation process.

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In addition to helping you know how to structure your landing page, lead generation can also help you to make your sales more personalized to the customer by segmenting your customer market. Segmenting your customer market simply means that you are dividing your customer into subgroups based on age, industry, location, geography, past purchase history, frequency of buying, etc. Segmenting is particularly important to B2B businesses that serve multiple industries (people who offer PR services for example). By segmenting, you are not just creating a single buyer persona like single focus businesses, you are creating multiple buyer personas. One of the things that a business must take note when advertising is that the buyer likes to feel like He/she is the only/ most important customer. Therefore when the business is able to use segmentation to create multiple buyer personas and to cater for them accordingly, the customer is made to feel like a king and will not only stay with the brand but will also share the brand’s products and services with other members of his or her network.

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One particular kind of buyer segment that is very effective as a lead generation strategy and has been proven to double profits in the past purchase history buyer segment. You can not only upsell (i.e. advertise products that are similar to what they have bought before to them), you can also increase their brand loyalty through rewards. Customers love discounts and giveaways and also love to be shown that their loyalty to your brand is justified and appreciated. You can show appreciation by offering discounts and rewards.  If for instance, you indicate that the most frequent buyers of your product and the people who refer your products to the most customers will take priority in your discounts or giveaways, you will not only see your frequent buyers buying your products, they will also refer your products to other customers so that they can rank on top your list of loyal customers. That way, you are not only converting your leads, you are also encouraging repeat buying and also improving your sales leads.

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Lead generation also drives other vendors and the influencers in your niche industry to your products. In marketing, B2B sales tend to be more profitable than B2C sales, given that businesses are more stable and are likely to be more loyal than individuals. Becoming an influencer will increase not just your individual leads, but your B2B lead generation. It is worthy of note that as individuals, businesses are also entities that want solutions to their sales issues. Naturally, an effective B2B lead generation strategy will naturally lead businesses to notice your product. Not only this, but it will also lead to business within your niche asking to get a share of your sales leads. Thus you are not just selling your products, you are also selling your leads. If you are able to maintain a high conversion rate of your sales leads, you will be able to attract brands willing to collaborate with you and to share your list of leads.

Thus you are

  1. Selling your products/services,
  2. Selling your leads and
  3. Getting more leads through collaboration.
  4. If your company is both a B2C enterprise and a B2B enterprise, in essence, you are selling to businesses while also selling to individuals thereby increasing your profits.


A lot of businesses find lead generation tricky, but it can be profitable and drive a sales increase which is as high as 50%. As a business, if you are able to drive sales and marketing leads to convert to your products. You can, hold the major stakes in your niche,  so much so that you are able to control the price, quantity, and even quality of your industry.

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