How To Save Money With Lead Generation

How To Save Money With Lead Generation

How To Save Money With Lead Generation

Introduction: Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing lead marketing and lead generation and how a good lead generation strategy can help you save money, and increase your profits in the short term, and also turn your business into a major player in your niche in the long term. We have examined the concept of lead generation, why ignoring your lead generation strategy can harm your business, how to harness your lead generation strategy in order for it to yield the kind of results you want, and how a proper B2B and B2C lead generation strategy can help you generate double the amount of revenue for your business, and finally the strategies that influential individuals and business in different niches always save money with lead generation. Today, we will continue the discussion on how as a B2C business or a B2B business, you can save money with a good lead generation strategy. Not only this, but we will also talk about how you can save money on your lead generation strategy, especially if you are a business that is just starting out, and without much funding. Today, we’ll be sharing a few additional strategies that can help you save money on your lead generation. Click here to generate High-Quality Leads

Search Engine Optimization With Lead GenerationPay Attention to Your Search Engine Optimization.: It was mentioned in a previous article on the role that SEO plays in ranking businesses high on search engines and making them a priority for customers looking for solutions. However, in this piece, it will be discussed in more detail. A lot of brands spend a lot of time and money on paid ads hoping to use it to generate leads instead of optimizing their website to generate organic traffic. Paid ads certainly work and can be an extremely valuable strategy for lead generation, but according to research done by industry experts, SEO helps businesses save way more money and attract more leads. According to a report, 70% percent of buyers ignore the ads they see on any website not related to the product they are looking for. According to another report, there is also a 30% rise in the number of people blocking ads in the past year. This means that if you used only ads, paid or free, a large portion of your target audience and potential customer base will likely ignore your products or even block it. In essence, you are spending money on a product nobody will likely click, not to talk of buy. Using SEO, on the other hand, increases your savings tremendously. Industry sources also reveal that 50 percent of the people who did a local search went to a store within a day and that 18 % of local searches led to a purchase within 24 hours. Also, 78% of local mobile searches led to offline purchases. From the stats above it is obvious that you should be making sure that your business website is top ranked in your local area, as opposed to just squandering away your budget on paid ads. Also, since paid ads are targeted at a specific demographic in a specific location, you are missing out on potential leads who are not in the search area or in the demographics of your advert. In essence, you are missing out on a potential source of leads that can be converted and moved along into your buyer’s funnel. Click here to generate High-Quality Leads

SEO Strategy Fits Into Your Lead Generation StrategyHow Do You Ensure That Your SEO Strategy Fits Into Your Lead Generation Strategy?: In another previous article, we discussed how well written and informative content helps people to know more about your business’s product and services and may induce them to share their information with you. It is important to note that in digital marketing, a key feature of content marketing and indeed the feature that makes the information valuable to the user and the search engine algorithm itself is the keyword. Keyword research is an important part of researching for good content. A mistake a lot of businesses make concerning using content marketing for lead generation is that they believe filling a blog post or an email with certain words will make their website/landing page rank higher and as a result, enable them to generate more leads. However, this is an archaic method of SEO and has, in fact, has been proven not to work. Even if the Search Engine Algorithm is fooled by your keywords and ranks your site high, when people come to it and they just find a jumble of keywords that look like they were written by robots instead of content that answers their question, they will move somewhere else. This explains why there are sites that are ranked high by search engines yet to dot generate leads for businesses that own them. Click here to generate High-Quality Leads

Keyword Research as a Sales and Marketing Lead Generation StrategyDoing Keyword Research as a Sales and Marketing Lead Generation Strategy.: To have proper keyword research that will help your search engine optimization strategy, and which will, in turn, help your sales lead generation you need to:

  1. Look for what other people in your industry are looking for. By analyzing your competition, especially the ones who are highest ranked, you can determine which keywords are popular within your niche. The keywords that both your competitors and your potential customer base are searching for. Search engines themselves, e.g. Google Search can help you achieve this.
  2. Another way by which you can identify the right keywords to use is through your own numbers. A lot of search engines provide website analytics where you can find out which keywords are bringing the leads to your page. Google has a platform for this known as Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can tell for sure what your customers are searching for and the precise way they want the product to be made. Click here to generate High-Quality Leads

keyword research methodsThrough the use of keyword research methods mentioned above, you are able to understand user intent. Understanding user intent means you know exactly what your buyers want and why they want it. Once you understand your buyer intent, it will

  1. Help the company create its buyer personas and segment its prospective leads into the proper buyer segments. This helps the management to allocate resources efficiently
  2. Reduce your sales and marketing budget, given that your sales and marketing team no longer need to spend funds on market research and advertisements.
  3. It helps your sales and marketing teams to be able to focus on the target demographic most likely to buy the product, which will help them to develop content for email marketing and content marketing that is designed to optimally convert marketing leads to sales leads. It will also save your business from using company resources to fund cold calls (which as we have mentioned in a previous article is no longer a viable lead generation strategy) and
  4. Helps your product design team to know what product or service to design as needed. This means your production and design team can focus on products that people need and no longer have to waste money on products that people won’t buy. This helps in creating production efficiency for the business and allows the business to be able to serve more clients and allows the business to scale up faster. Click here to generate High-Quality Leads

Experiment and InnovateDon’t Be Afraid To Experiment and Innovate and Also Monitor Your Metrics.: In digital marketing, there is a practice in sales and marketing teams, it is called split testing. The salesperson divides marketing leads into two groups and sends different emails to different groups. The responses help the sales team, the design team and the management determine which product can be scaled up and how to improve on the products that are not getting the required traffic. You must constantly update your landing pages with new content, watch the products that your leads are asking for most and ensure you have blog posts that have information to solve those problems. Check the content and presentation of your emails to make sure they have not become rote, change the frequency of your emails to customers. Data is what drives sales and marketing lead generation these days, and you can’t really tell if your lead generation strategy is working unless you have numbers to prove it. Apart from Google Search and Google Analytics, there are also several tools and sites that can help you to get your insights and metrics. There is SEM Rush which helps you to rank your content on the internet. There is also the Screaming Frog Tool which crawls through sites test their SEO value and gives you insights into your SEOptimization. Click here to generate High-Quality Leads

Lead generationConclusion.: Lead generation has changed the way B2B Businesses and B2C businesses are generating leads and customers. Businesses both large and small are now Using SEO to optimize and experimenting with advertising metrics to improve their lead generation. Thus as an individual or a business, you must constantly be examining your landing page metrics and keyword metrics. You must study your forms and landing pages and your registration forms, to see the information the people are filling in, which could be a peek into how they want to be reached. You must continue to watch your competition and check the demographics they are targeting. Click here to generate High-Quality Leads

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